War has made its way into the hearts and minds of those left to raise our flag.  They are the keepers of the memories for our fallen men and women that did not make it home.

They are in the names of the families who prayed for their loved ones who marched off to war and now remember them with bouquets of flowers and the American flag lining their tombstones.

They are in the faces of the soldiers who lived to see another sunrise, another sunset battling the horror of war.  Within each one lies a true story of life and death and the flashback of that last gasp of breath from their comrade in arms.

For those soldiers that came home different from when they left, they also carry the torch for the blood of our fallen heroes. They are scarred with the memories that have scorched their minds and bodies.

And then there are the hazards of war… the children who long to share many of life’s moments with their mother or father … their first home run, a bedtime story, a dance recital, first date or kiss, walk down the aisle.

War has a price!  It is a grim reality of the blood laid down for our country.  That reality hits home when uniformed military officers knock on the door of a family of a true soldier.  With dignity they served, with gratitude we honor them!

God Bless America!!  Happy Memorial Day!