Funny how this happens in life. Parents, teachers and family friends dedicate their life to preparing you how to be successful, but sometime after college that education stops.

Which is why there was so much pandemonium in the Great Recession: people didn’t know how to find jobs, where to look or how to interview in a bad economy. The trend continues today.

To shed some light on the topic, here are the five top questions clients ask me every day in session about career management in my coaching practice.

1)      Why don’t I hear back after I apply?
This is hard to hear but people are busy. Just because you aren’t hearing back doesn’t mean your job search effort is for not. Keep applying online but just focus on the activity, not the results. The job will come in time. Follow up where you can if you have had an interview. Don’t let a recruiter drive your job search.

2)      I have gaps in my resume. Is that a bad thing?
Everyone knows what happened in 2009, so a gap or contract work for the past several years is not a black smudge on the resume.

3)      I don’t have all the skills. Should I apply for this job?
Believe me, management will select you out. If you are qualified and have the majority of the skills, by all means APPLY. You aren’t going to find the job sitting in your living room.

4)      I hate networking. Do I have to do it?
No. Absolutely not. Instead spend hours online searching for jobs and never meet a ‘real’ person. Networking is like flossing your teeth. Only floss the teeth you want to keep. Only network with working people if you want to find a job. Hate networking? See the latest Plaid For Women radio show with Sarah and I for tips.

5)      I make a sizable income. How long will this take?
Consistent efforts will bring a consistent result. If you apply for three days, then skip a week you’ll find the results will take longer. Focused activity with the right resume and cover letter going to jobs is what will get you to the interview and eventually hired. Typically the larger the salary the longer it will take. However, you can speed up the process if you are consistent.


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