P Pre Destined
U Unique to You
R Reason You Exist
P Passion Driven
O Often Discovered after Overcoming Obstacles
S Shaped by your Innate Talents & Gifts
E Enables God’s Spirit to Work Through You to Impact the Lives of Others

2016 Is your year to discover WHY you are here! Your WHY is your PURPOSE.
If you truly want to step into and live a life of GREATNESS it’s important you discover and live out the GREATNESS with which you were created.

In last month’s video I shared 3 ways to help you discover your Purpose. This month it’s about giving you a breakdown of what Purpose is.

Before you were born God had already Predestined that you would be created with and for a Purpose. One that is Unique to you. Regardless of whether or not others have been called to do something similar in nature it will never be expressed in the same way as only you can express and realize it. For out of the billions of people on this planet there’s only 1 YOU. Your Purpose is the Reason why you exist. According to Webster’s Dictionary Purpose is: The reason for which something exists or is done, made, or is used. Never doubt that you were specificially brought into this world for a reason! You were purposely created with and for a Purpose!

When you reflect on your life, what is it that you’ve historically been most excited about? That which you most enjoy doing, that hours can pass by and you don’t even realize it? That which brings you joy, you dream about and yearn to do is considered a passion. Purpose is most often Passion Driven. When you follow your passion you often discover your purpose. There are many who surmount considerable challenges in life. When it comes to Purpose many Often discover it after overcoming obstacles. It is in what they’ve learned by overcoming those obstacles that in the end, will inspire and impact the lives of many because of it. If this is you, know that it’s often those who’ve endured the most or greatest challenges in life who are most destined to inspire. All that we experience is for a reason.

Your purpose is Shaped by your talents and gifts that were instilled within you upon your birth. Those things that you are naturally good at doing will often draw others to you for you to help in some way. The reality is that discovering and living your Purpose Enables God’s Spirit to work through you to impact the lives of others. When you are awakened each day it’s not by concidence. It means you’ve been given one more chance to live your purpose. It means there are lives God wants and needs to impact through you.

Do you realize yet why it’s so important for you to discover your Purpose? 2016 is your Year to not only discover it but maximize it! You have been created to impact and influence others. As a Life Purpose Maximizer and Talent Strategist, I can help you to discover your Your Purpose and maximize it for greater influence and impact. It’s Your time to step into Your Greatness! It’s time for you to Live Your Purpose.
Blessings to You! Until next time.