The Real Truth About Being Bold

Michele Gooch
By Michele Gooch

The Real Truth about Being Bold

Just after I had taken a new leadership role, a colleague confronted me about something I had written. She made an appointment to see me off campus and brought her husband with her. I was scared. What could possibly be this wrong? I’m pretty self-aware.

Even though few people had seen the document, she pointed out that some of my wording was belittling to her. I was astonished — that had not been my intent. Purposefully listening with the intent to understand her helped me see it. Now I could restore trust by apologizing and avoid repeating it in the future. This encounter encouraged me to focus on facts instead of opinions. Her boldness improved my leadership skills, preserved the culture of honesty in the organization, and protected the people who came after her. While it was painful, it was priceless.

Being bold isn’t easy but the results can be long-lasting and far-reaching. It requires taking a risk. Not all bold moves pay off. Bold statement are only valuable if we can say what needs to be said without judgment. Boldness is not synonymous with crassness. Boldness paired with good intentions has the greatest benefit, whereas self-serving boldness destroys relationships. I benefited from heart-felt boldness. Every day for about two weeks, I saw a new way that her feedback had helped me or the organization for the long run. She had no idea it would be that valuable. All she knew was she had to be bold.

When we choose not to be bold, it costs individuals, organizations, leaders and likely ourselves. A women checked into the hospital to have a tonsillectomy and the surgical team erroneously removed a portion of her foot. No less than seven people wondered why the surgeon was working on the foot, but said nothing.

Don’t be afraid to speak up others depend on it.

Michele Gooch
Fun Facts About Michele: While in southern Mexico on vacation, she accidentally ate lunch with the Cartel.  When snorkeling off the coast of Belize, she unintentionally swam with an 8 foot shark while he was eating.  As a child, she spent her summers on a working cattle ranch, even though she’s a city slicker.  There’s more, but why tell all! Michele is a Transition Guru who works with individuals and teams to raise their level of satisfaction in work and life. She does this by helping them reconnect with their passion and realign with their purpose. Prior to founding Life by Design,, Michele served as an Associate Pastor for 22 years in Wimberley, Texas.  At least a decade of that time was focused on leadership development and building community.   She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling.  She is certified in DISC: Behavioral Analysis, as well as Coaching Mastery.  She serves on the Board of Directors at the Mansfield Chamber and leads the Fort Worth collaboration circle for Plaid for Women. On her half-century birthday, Michele awoke unemployed, homeless, at the end of a 30 year marriage and better than she should have been.  Michele loves empowering women to be all they are designed to be!  Michele says, “The events in your life should not dictate the state of your life.  The beautiful thing about life is you own it! So, do something with it.”