I believe my business is the busiest this time of the year, because people have not been taking care of themselves, the year is wrapping up, they are exhausted and on empty. Conflict in relationships emerge from lack of attention and focus.  We need to establish good self-care habits, like the ability to rest. Since I work on the weekends, I usually take a rest day on Monday. Sometimes it is a challenge for me to rest my mind. My mind runs through my never-ending to do list and I start feeling anxious for sitting still. I watch the clock and obsess on the time going by and nothing getting accomplished. Why can’t it be okay for me to rest my body and not feel guilty. Refocus is required to pursue rest.  I’m going to share some key areas in my life to help you refocus and achieve rest.


How many of us need a refocus to choose good health? I think it is especially difficult this time of the year, with all the yummy holiday delights in front of our noses. Think about fuel for your body options; what will sustain you and give you the energy you need. Increase these choices and balance the healthy with the unhealthy foods. Also, get physical and get your body moving. Walk those stairs when it’s an option or walk around the track while your child is practicing their sport. I highly recommend you find a Camp Gladiator in your area. Don’t let the name intimate you. Anyone can do this. I’ve been doing this a little over a year and it satisfies my physical and community needs. Community is another health booster. Being connected makes us feel good and combats those stress chemicals.


A refocus to faith might be necessary. What is your compass that guides you? As a woman of faith in God, my beliefs have an impact in finding rest. When I feel depleted or anxious, I have to remember my belief that God is in control and what I believe about who He is and his promises. Meditating on these truths help me. Sometimes I just have to connect to this and I experience peace and rest when I do.


Sometimes we need a refocus to the truth. My anxious thinking will lie to me and tell me I’m lazy and I’ll never get anything done when I am trying to give myself rest. I have to switch that course of thinking to focus on what’s true. The truth is, I work very hard at running my family and business and deserve this time to myself to be charged-up. The truth is, I give where I can and how I can of my time and help. I cannot do it all. Others need to carry their load. Are you like me and struggle with how much I’m giving in presents and not feeling it’s enough. The truth is, I can give what I am able to and that is plenty. My love ones know my heart wants to be generous and accept my limits.

Evaluate some areas of your life and implement some new intentions and habits that can help you gain rest through a restless season.