I’m a big fan of the Thank You Note. Admittedly, part of the charm for me is the cute card itself. (Come on, a panda saying “Thank You Beary Much”? That’s freakin’ adorable!) Beyond the cuteness, though, I really do believe in letting people know that you appreciate them. 

Over the past few months, here are some of the notes I’ve written. 

#1 The Co-Worker Thank You

Now in my case, I was leaving a job I’d been at for nearly 15 years. So, I wanted to express my thankfulness to some of my co-workers for the good times we shared working together before I left. But you don’t have to wait for a goodbye to send a thank you to a co-worker! If you have an office bestie, let them know how much you value those daily coffee breaks together. We spend so much of our lives at work. We should thank those people who make it enjoyable.

#2 The Pivotal Moment Thank You

As I was getting ready to make my career change, I met with someone who had recently made a career change herself. The guidance, advice, and support that she gave me was truly integral to inspiring me to take the big leap and start my own business. This was a no-brainer Thank You!  Sometimes there are pivotal moments in your life. The kind you look back on, with goosebumps, knowing that the course of your life was forever changed in those moments. When someone is a part of that magic, let them know! 

#3 The Coffee Thank You

On the other hand, sometimes you need to send thanks for something as small as a cup of coffee.  After announcing that I’d started my own business, I was blessed to have a number of people in my professional network reach out to congratulate me and invite me to chat over coffee. When I sent a Thank You afterward, it wasn’t just for that $4 latte. It was for their meaningful gesture. Sometimes the little things in life can show so much love. And those little things definitely deserve our gratitude. 

#4 The Gift Thank You

This summer, I celebrated a milestone birthday – my big 4-0. I had a fabulously fun party. It was a throw-back to the parties of my youth, a backyard cookout, complete with a pinata and cake and ice cream! My generous family and friends brought me presents, so you know I had to break out my stash of cute Thank You Notes and get busy! I made sure to thank everyone for their gifts, but more importantly, I thanked them for being there to celebrate with me. 

So, as much as I’d love for you to send some cute Thank You Notes (like these or these!), the truth is that any format will do – text, phone call, carrier pigeon! I really just want you to spread light and love into the world with your gratitude. So, send a Thank You Note. Your mom will be proud!

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