We probably all know someone whose Breast Cancer has been described as estrogen and/or progesterone positive. Traditional medicine has taken this data and has created an industry of anti-hormone suppressing drugs such as Tamoxifen and Anastrozole, just to name a couple.

Traditional medicine has also succeeded in teaching women that THEIR hormones are causing cancer and that THEIR hormones need to be suppressed. If our hormones caused cancer, then every 20 year old on the planet would have cancer.

 For several years I have been teaching women that there is no need to fear their hormones. They are part of your biological makeup and are an intrinsic part of longevity and vibrant health.

The hormones that do drive Breast Cancer are the Xeno-hormones or the chemical hormones that we are exposed to. If your liver is not breaking down the estrogen properly or if you are not methylating or metabolizing estrogens properly, those effects could certainly drive Breast Cancer.

Here is a sample list of chemical estrogens that could potentially be increasing the risk of Breast Cancer:

  • EDCPesticides and herbicides
  • Sunscreen lotion that contains 4-MBC
  • Parabens
  • Food preservatives such a BHA
  • Metals that are found in amalgams and anti-perspirants
  • Tap water is loaded with estrogens from contraceptive pills
  • Growth hormones in meat and dairy

But what about Progesterone? Progesterone plays a part in breast development and readies the breast for pregnancy. An overabundance of chemical progesterone may play a role in Breast Cancer.

Where do we get Xeno-progesterones or chemical progesterones? That was a great question that one of my clients asked me last week and I did not have the answer so I told her I would find the answer. I was surprised to find out that progesterone is an environmental contaminant with serious implications.  

  • Cadmium, a metal used in paints, batteries and tobacco increases progesterone
  • EDCs, or Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, can both mimic and block hormone receptor sites. EDCs include metal, herbicides, pesticides, and certain skin care products.animal farm
  • Common fungicides up-regulate progesterone receptor expression.
  • Progesterone is given to production animals (cows, steer, sheep, chicken, turkey and swine) to speed up weight gain.
  • The plant sterols from the pulping of pine trees are transformed into progesterone by bacteria in the water sediment. Thus, progesterones have found their way in our fresh water supply. 
  • According to the California Environmental Protection Agency, Medroxy-progesterone, became a food contaminant for humans and livestock when waste water from a pharmaceutical company containing glucose, contaminated with the progestagen, was recycled as a sugar source for soft drinks and animal feed.

So just as Xeno-estrogens from the environment can potentially drive Breast Cancer, Xeno-progesterone could also be a causative factor.

Preventing the accumulation of these ECDs in your body is a great reason to learn how to Reduce Your Toxic Exposure. Become conscious of your environment in your home, the products you put on your body as well as the food choices that you make.  Support your liver with nutrients such as NAC and milk thistle. Create a good sweat with an infrared sauna or the Bio Mat, at least 3 times per week. Discover the benefits of coffee enemas and fasting.

Remember that YOUR hormones contribute to a lifetime of overall health. Keep your hormones properly balanced and avoid the chemical hormones – doing so can insure a long and healthy life.