Just like our children, we need a Spring Break! The season reminds us of the rhythms of rest and renewal…like the waves. Instead of using your downtime to do cleaning or extra chores, multitasking or getting more efficient, try doing less…or even nothing!

When was the last time you took a moment to?

  • Swing in the hammock
  • Go to a Spa
  • Watch a cardinal visit your birdfeeder
  • Take your dogs for a leisurely walk
  • Close your eyes for a midday nap
  • Watch the waves and smell salt air…

New research shows that to produce at your peak level, you need periods of downtime and idleness, too.

Here’s a few playground rules to try:

1) Shutdown!

Give your conscious brain a ‘time-out’ by diversifying the type of work—or play—you engage in! This will restore your conscious brain to be ready to handle complex professional challenges and productive work when needed. Go color a mandala, read a hobby magazine, write a letter to a friend, put on your favorite tunes—and dance in the kitchen!

2) Find Quiet…

Disconnect for periods of time from social media/phone and laptops. Find a quiet place—even a conference room, library or garden to think and reflect. Attention is a finite resource. If you exhaust it, you’ll struggle to concentrate when it’s required.

3) Be Bored!

Once you have become accustomed to on-demand distraction (checking your phone even when waiting in line) it may be difficult to refocus later. Embrace the void—observe what’s around you, breathe deeply and enjoy ‘being, not doing…”

Need new ideas for your Spring Break? Have questions you’d like me to address in my Blog?

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