Dear Reader,

As November settles firmly over my home and its inhabitants here in SW Ontario, we’ve made the conscious decision to move the Sitting Chairs from in front of the bay window that overlooks the pool to their Winter Spot in front of the fireplace.

Sometimes, a gal needs a change of view.

Sometimes, a gal doesn’t want to look outside and be reminded of the fact that it’s too darn cold to swim.

Sometimes, a gal would much rather NOT look outside and face that particular reality.

Sometimes, a gal needs to move her darn chair and look Elsewhere.

And this, dear Reader, brings us squarely to the Business of Hallmark Movies.

A Season For All Things

You know that idea that there is a season for all things under the sun? I believe that quite firmly. 

And I also believe something that is a bit controversial. I know, but here it is: I believe that if it is true that there is a season for all things, then there is most definitely a season for avoidance. A season for preoccupation. A season for turning one’s chair to face another view so that one does not need to see the snow piling up on the patio.

I know that this is profoundly controversial because I would have argued otherwise myself not that many years ago!

“We can’t just AVOID things. We have to DEAL with things. We have to FACE REALITY. Nothing good comes from TURNING AWAY from what’s going on,” I would have said.

But, dear Reader, I think I was wrong. 

I think that the problem comes when we AVOID from a place of REACTIVITY, not from a place of CONSCIOUS CHOICE.

And this distinction is REAL.

Burying My Head

If I am unknowingly and unwittingly and unconsciously burying my head in the sand and watching Hallmark movies while drinking bottles and bottles of wine and mindlessly eating mountains of potato chips and I have NO IDEA that I am doing it and, most importantly, no idea WHY I am doing it, then that’s a problem. That is Reactive Avoidance. 

But if I say to myself: “Self, there’s a lot of s-#-i-! happening in your world right now and you need to step back and zone out for a bit to let your system catch up so how about we sit and watch a few Hallmark movies tonight? And maybe tomorrow night, too. And heck, maybe all dang month we might do just that!” then I am consciously deciding that, at this time, in this particular season of my life, I need a freakin’ break and I am going to take it.

Hallmark Movies. Puzzles. Mindlessly playing solitaire on your tablet. Scrolling through websites looking at handbags. Staring aimlessly at the fire. Whatever it is, if that’s what you choose to do then embrace the season, I say.


And remember: If it is true that there is a season for all things, then this season, too, shall pass. It will pass when it’s ready to pass. When YOU are ready for it to pass. When your internal mechanism for Knowing says, “Enough,” then this season will end. 

You’ll not have the appetite for the sappy movies any longer. Your interest in the handbags will wane. You’ll find you can’t remember where you even put your tablet much less why you’d want to find it.

You’ll find yourself naturally making a new decision. A new choice for a new season. 

And you’ll enter that new season, whatever it may be, prepared. Ready. Willing. All because you’ve honored your own needs and made conscious choices along the way. And oh, what a glorious moment that will be. Just as glorious as it was to honor your choice to watch that Hallmark film this season, again, and again, and again.

Big love,


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