It had been six years since he started drinking his pain away. With each passing year he become more full of rage and I more emptied of strength. I was doing all I could do — careful confrontations, strategic conversations, good self-care, lengthy reprieves. Upon reflection, I see that those were all excuses for inaction.

Why would someone with the skills, knowledge, resources that I have choose not to take action? First, I was plagued by what others would think. Then I was paralyzed by what I would do after I took action. Action would bring radical change for me. Finally, I was immobilized by “how.” How do I move from this place that I’ve been stuck in for so long?

Taking the first step was the hardest. So let me be your biggest cheerleader. Whatever mountain stands in front of you, know that you don’t have to figure out every move to make. You only need to take the first step. Races get won, one step at a time.

My inaction cost me more than I wanted to pay — my confidence, security and peace. Whatever you are stuck on, I can be certain of one thing: Inaction isn’t worth what you’re paying for it.

If you’re having trouble getting started, here are a few tips to help you take some action.

Take one small step at a time. Break the big, overwhelming project, goal, or decision into bite size pieces and focus on only one at a time.

Get creative. Stop looking at it the same way. Try something different. Get outside of your comfort zone.

Check your mindset. What excuses are you using to keep you from taking the first step? Why are you holding yourself back?

Seek out motion. Find people who are in motion, people who are taking steps forward. It’s hard to be stationery when everyone around you is on the move.

Celebrate the little things. Every small step is a big victory. So celebrate big.

Whatever you’ve paid for your inaction, today is the day to cash it in and take one small step toward a big win.