Sometimes I wish to be a child again
To enjoy the innocence of a child
To dream the dreams and believe the
Fairy tales of childhood

To enjoy a time that my heart was pure,
Full of love and empty of pain
To have my life ahead of me as though
Eternity lay ahead – As a child time meant nothing…
There was always tomorrow.

To be a child again and not fear tomorrow
Or regret yesterday
To be full of life at every sunrise
Innocent still at every sunset

Of course, these things can’t happen. Time has moved on but how amazing that we can take the things we wish we could to over and help a child to walk a different path. We can still feel the magic of life when we see a beautiful sunset as it gently falls and slides into the ocean with sparkling water all around as it quietly disappears –it truly is magical.

Live with the joy of a child.

We are old enough now to understand that not all fairy tales come true and most likely we aren’t going to marry a Prince or a Princess but that’s ok. Finding a partner that you can respect and respects you, laughs with you, even cries sometime when needed, that’s the real prize… and after all, who needs a crown!

Some of us will choose not to marry or become mothers and others will… that’s ok too – fairy tales were just books. Life is simply a brief moment in time and it should be lived as we choose to live. Be a great friend, a caring neighbor, a mother if we choose, a career woman, a welder whatever we can dream. Don’t fear tomorrow – embrace whatever comes. Pain happens and when it’s gone we feel joy so much deeper.

Live with the joy of a child.

Don’t waste time fearing tomorrow. Start the New Year with excitement for what may come, if you don’t like it… change it. As a child, we could only dream but now we have the power to choose to keep or let go of situations… use your power. Tomorrow will come regardless of what we choose –for me I’ll choose to dream, find magic in sunsets, and cry at Hallmark movies. In the end, I guess in some ways I am still a little girl living the joy of a child… just wearing bigger pajamas!