It has been a little while since we got to experience the total eclipse here in North Texas. What an experience it was. For someone who absolutely never was inclined to watch or have too much interest in such celestial events, I found it utterly awe inspiring.

On My Way

I was on my way to my office and it was about 1:20 pm on Monday April 8th. There were hardly any cars on the highway. I had heard stories of companies having people work from homes, telling people to stay off the streets or offering kids the option to stay home from school. A few clients had asked me if I would be working that day due to the event. I found it odd, as it was an event that would last about 3 mins, from what scientists calculate, to stay home 9 hrs. So I decided I would do my normal day.

I had bought a pair of glasses from a young man the Saturday before, outside a restaurant. He was a good little salesman and I wanted to encourage him more than my actual desire to see the eclipse.


As I rode in my car, I began to feel a shift in the energy. There were few other cars on the highway and the ones that were, were pulled off to the side staring up into the sky. I realized I would not make it to my office in time to see it myself so I decided to pull off in a parking lot. A few families were gathered with their chairs and glasses looking up as the sky began to darken. I put on my glasses to see what all the hoopla was about, and realized the last time I would have witnessed an eclipse was probably in middle school.

I looked up to begin to see the gradual transition as the moon slowly moved over the sun, more and more as the atmosphere grew darker and darker. Before I knew it, the sun was completely covered by the moon and everything was dark, like dusk. You could only see a sliver of the sun. It certainly was a sight to behold. It felt like for 3 mins the whole earth stopped.

The Experience

There was nothing but silence and peace. You could hear a pin drop. It felt like heaven on earth. I felt an immense feeling of peace wash over me as I sat in my car on the side of the highway by myself but in this collective experience with others in their cars. After a few moments the sun began to emerge and the light recovered the darkness and I heard the cheers of kids at a local grade school. It was like time stood still so God could reboot the universe and give it an upgrade. I am no scientist but I know I felt a shift personally. There was a feeling of elation as I moved through the rest of my day and even the next few. Every person I saw that day said they felt different and wanted to talk about what they experienced.

Accuracy of Life

I have read a few articles since the eclipse on the mathematical specificity of such an event and the precise dates that it can be expected around the world. I could not help but be in awe of the idea that nothing happens by chance or randomness. If God has such control over the sun, moon and stars that we can calculate when such events will occur with precise accuracy, how much more is there something in control of the accuracy of our lives.

I know most days it does not feel that way with the multitude of experiences we all have and the emotions they can elicit. I imagine that the same precise accuracy that allowed us to be in awe of the cosmic event is also precisely coordinating our own unique human experiences with accuracy, specificity, and awe. If we could only see it that way, just maybe we could feel more peace and awe in our own individual experiences.

It brings me much peace to know that the same power that created that amazingly precise event that we got to experience is also coordinating the awe and specificity of our cosmic lives.

Many blessings!

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