Traditions help us to remember and grow.  We can look back to happy times from our past and they help us to connect to our present and our future.  Remembering our past and our traditions help us to connect to a positive time in our lives when we felt cared for and a part of a family.

When I was a child it seemed time stood still between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Back in the 1960’s I looked forward to getting wish books in the mail.  These were catalogs that Sears and JC Penney’s put out every year just about the middle of October.

I remember pouring over these wonderful wish books and making lists of what I wanted for Christmas.  How many hours did I look at these catalogs? I would dream of what Santa Claus would bring down the chimney for me to open on Christmas morning.

Another tradition that delighted my heart was decorating the house for the upcoming holidays.  Mom and I had made Christmas stockings for the family and we placed them over the fireplace every year.  My brothers and I anxiously awaited Christmas Eve night and the arrival of Santa Claus.

I am continuing this tradition even now.  This year I needlepointed holiday stockings for me and my new husband to place over our own fireplace.  The tradition continues along with warm feelings that connect me to my past and my present.

Traditions certainly don’t need to be centered around the holidays.  I love watching my favorite reruns like The Andy Griffith Show.  I also love quoting the lines as I laugh along with Andy, Barney, Aunt Bee and the whole Mayberry gang.  Even though I’ve watched the same show a million times, I still laugh like it is the first time I have ever heard their small town adventures!

Singing along to our favorite golden oldies as the radio plays is a wonderful past-time.  My husband and I have a tradition of singing along to songs and even adding matching choreography as we happily sing together.  Another happy tradition that makes me feel connected to my loved ones.

I remember as my father and I used to sing along to his favorite songs from the 1940’s.  We also danced along to them as we listened to the radio.  That’s why I remember my traditions fondly and look forward to the future.  Traditions help us to remember and grow.