What are you dreaming about doing or returning to in a post-COVID world? How do you uncover your dreams? What does it take to see your dreams fulfilled?

Dreams, if they would only come true.  In a post-COVID world I dream of a place where the words of our forefathers were truly the law of the land: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

As a woman of color, these words are not true for me.  Life is a constant struggle.  Pursuing that which makes me happy, without worrying about the fragile ego of others who somehow feel because of the color of my skin I am not entitled to the same rights.

I dream of a post-COVID world with Empathy, where every person could understand and share the feelings of another. Perhaps if this dream were realized, we would not have one person attempting to tell others how to live.  I’m truly confused why one person feels he/she has the right to tell another person how to live.  What’s up with that?

I dream of a post-COVID world where every person wanting a well-paying job has a well-paying job.  Think of the money that would go into the economy if each person had a job paying a living wage.  Holding others down only creates US versus THEM.  There is no winning in a world like that.

I dream of a post-COVID world that is clean.  The global disruption caused by the COVID-19 virus has brought about several effects on the environment and climate. Due to movement restriction and a significant slowdown of social and economic activities, air quality has improved in many cities with a reduction in water pollution in different parts of the world.  This information was found in an article from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

I dream of a post-COVID world where our elected officials work for the people and not themselves.  Civility, in my opinion, is lacking in our government at all levels.  Imagine working in a corporate environment and never attempting to compromise or work with others. In the organizations where I worked, I would have been fired.  

I dream of a post-COVID world where corporations are not driven solely by profits; willing to create and sell products they know are harmful, but the profit is just too great to pass up.

Truthfully, for my dreams to be realized each person would need to treat each other as they want to be treated.  That’s a good place to start.  With that beginning, and a little empathy, maybe we could say to each other, “I understand your point of view and there is nothing to be gained by me putting obstacles in your path.”

What do I know? I dream of a world where vampires and supernaturals are real and my true love will help me live long enough to live in a world of Love, Equity, Prosperity, and a land of Happy Happy, Joy Joy!