Clients constantly ask me if what is hot in the job search. Here are 6 hiring trends in 2013.
Comfort – Hiring managers want to feel comfortable that they are making the right hire. This is common buying trend during post-recession. The manager kept their job and need to ensure their team will deliver. In an interview, ensure that you are making a hiring manager feel comfortable that you can do the job and reiterate that throughout the conversation by giving solid examples of past performance.
Presentation – Throw out the old, ill-fitting suit in the back of your closet! Wear something to interviews that makes you feel powerful and attractive. Avoid bold prints or colors. Go for something classic with a statement piece such as trendy jewelry, shoes or handbag.
Resumes – Hot is having a profile statement at the top of your resume. Not hot is having “Objective’ at the top of your resume. That went out with the 80ies.
Format – Resumes should be chronologically written and not skill centered. Otherwise, hiring managers think you are hiding a large unemployment gap. What’s hot? Explaining the gap in plain language. If you took a year off to care for a dying relative, say it. We’ll overlook it.
Note Taking – Note taking is hot. Lack of a pen and paper to jot down important details such as the job expectations and the titles of the people you are talking to shows lack of interest. Invest in a black portfolio with a proper pen and pad inside. It shows you are listening.
Tie it Together – All employers want to understand how your last position relates to their job otherwise they get lost in the conversation. Tie it all together neatly in a bow. When answering interview questions, state, “When I was at ….I did this…”  It gives the employer a picture of what you did and how you can help them immediately. Answers to questions should be short and targeted to the employer’s needs, not you horn blowing.
Finally, employers hire people for only two reasons. You can solve their problem and they like you. In post-recession, they need to feel comfortable that you are the right woman for the job. Strut you stuff!