I was recently having a discussion with someone that shared that they had read many of the books published by our spiritual sages. You know the genre, authored by the likes of Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and Tony Robbins. Their teachings, and those of many others, have been studied by untold numbers on our planet. Yet there are those that have devoured their writings, including the individual I was having the conversation with, that are still struggling. Why?

It’s not that their contributions offer no truth or value. It’s certainly not a reflection of the populus’ ability to understand the offerings or the words that have been printed upon the pages. People “get it” but continue to have a hard time “making it stick”.

And so, they pick up yet another book, authored by another guru of our times; all in hopes that this will be the one to help them turn the corner as they continue to turn the pages. Again, the author’s words ring true for the reader and they see the sense in what is being presented. Once more, the teachings get them so far in their desired process of growth and self discovery, only to hit the proverbial brick wall one more time.

At this phase, many begin to feel hopeless, confused and experience a profound state of frustration with themselves. “What am I doing wrong?” they wonder. The answer, nothing. It’s essential to practice the gifts bestowed upon us by our spiritual leaders and guides. So, by all means, put into action the practices they recommend.

The real question to ponder is, “What’s missing?” The understanding of these teachings that have been bestowed upon us is based on the use of our intellectual abilities. The missing piece for many individuals is the emotional awareness. I’ve witnessed over and over while supporting others on their own journeys of self discovery, that it’s not about knowing something, but is instead about making the emotional connection to feeling it.

Our emotions are the kingpin to a majority of our thoughts, actions and interactions. So, when we are straining to apply a concept that we know would benefit us, it behooves us to explore what emotions are throwing up a roadblock. Once we are able to identify the emotion we can reflect on the source of the belief surrounding that feeling. That is where our work begins, and change and growth prosper.

After having some clarity on how the emotional state came to be part of our existence, we have the choice to create a healing around its origins. As the healing gains momentum, the old is gradually released, making room for the newly discovered tools we’ve all read about.  As you discard your old operator’s manual you can create a new one with the knowledge gained through the wise souls of our world.

Just the mention of emotions tends to send people running for the hills; people become instantly overwhelmed at the prospect of exploring their feelings. It is my belief, that emotions are simply another tool available to us to utilize on our path of self-awareness. The key isn’t to avoid a feeling, but instead we can welcome it, asking what it is meant to teach us.

What I suggest, is that our feelings deserve just as much consideration and attention as the words of those that have come to guide us. In learning about yourself, you may well be better equipped to apply all that you’ve learned from another.

Be well and happy.

My Memoir Relentless: a Journey of Forgiveness http://tinyurl.com/Relentlessbyspringer