2016 is here! With a new year comes new opportunities, new chances to do things differently, new ways of thinking, and just an overall sense of having a blank slate. A fresh start………Or is it?

What if you feel like things are actually going pretty well for you these days? What if you are content in every way? What if you want a repeat of the days leading up to January 1st? Then, I say…..that is A-Okay! In fact, I think “New Years Resolutions” are overrated. I haven’t had an official resolution for a few years now. No my friend, I choose to take the pressure off myself and not save all my good intentions for a specific time of year, but instead, I choose daily resolutions.

Each day is a new chance to do things a little differently. Each day brings new opportunities. Each day I get the chance to be my “best self”. Yes, I have learned that in order to really make changes, it has to be a daily attempt, and not a yearly oral declaration. Let me tell you though…each day I fail at any and all of that! It happens. But I am so glad I give myself the breathing room to start again the very next day, and not feel like I have to wait another whole year just because I messed up. And boy do I mess up some days!! (don’t we all?!)

I wasn’t always this way though. In the past I was hanging right up there with the best of the “lets get our vision board made, if you don’t write it down how can you make it happen, plan each month out for the following year so you know where you are going” crowd. Oh yes. Some years it actually worked out for me. Most years it did not. The overwhelming sense of failure was a lot to take for a somewhat control freak personality that I am, and it made me anxious. You see, what you need to know about me is that my natural state of being is “all or nothing”. I am either starting my own non-profit, or I am staying in my pajamas all day (true story).  I have had many starts and stops based on what my “new year” was supposed to look like, until one day, I finally realized, this was not beneficial to myself or anything I was trying to accomplish. This was the day I gave up my all or nothing intentions, and let myself just be. I gave myself permission not to change a thing if I really didn’t feel like anything needed changing. I have never looked back.

So, my friend, maybe your “new year” resolution should be not to have any resolutions at all. How freeing would that be for you? Maybe this has been your mentality all along and I am just one of the newest members of this freedom club (are there t-shirts?.. if so, I am a size M..)……but, if you choose to make an official new years resolution, because lets face it, it truly works for some people….do me a favor (more importantly, do yourself a favor)… if for some reason by January 30th you have already strayed off the path and “failed”….laugh it off. Give yourself a break. Start again the following day. After all, the next day is and always will be waiting for you.

Wishing you nothing but beautiful moments in all your days of 2016!

Kalee xoxo