Remember when you were a kid? The world was a BIG place! Each new experience brought new sensations – some good, some bad. Ages 5-8 were probably my FAVORITE years. I grew up in an apartment complex where there were a ton of kids. Every we were outside or at the community center down the street playing. There was so much laughter (and tears from normal childhood taunts). Every day was an adventure, learning and experiencing life. As we aged the adventurous feelings waned and we became slightly guarded and maybe even jaded.

We became adults and the pressure set in.

Bills. Children. Spouses. Aging Parents. Health. Work. Responsibility.

No longer do we want that house overlooking the beach with 15 bedrooms, a lavish pool, basketball and tennis courts with a 6 car garage complete with fancy cars to drive on the weekends to cool places. Oh no, the mortgage on something like that can’t be taken care of on our salary.

Worse than losing that dream though, we lose a little bit of who we are. We lose the spunk. The joy. The curiosity. We lose the wonder.


Spunk, joy, curiosity, wonder have no expiration date. Just because we have responsibilities and a few years on us does not mean we have to button up and be serious.

Spunk keeps us kicking and keeps others on their toes. Webster’s Dictionary defines spunk as “spirit, courage and determination.”  I know there is a place in your life that could use some of that. Perhaps there is something new you have been wanting to try but have been too scared. What are you waiting for? GO!

Joy keeps us our spirits lifted in times of difficulty.

Sometimes it is tough to muster joy when our worlds seem to be crumbling around us. BUT – WE CHOOSE JOY. We choose how we respond to inconvenience, how we respond to hurt, how we respond to our day to day trials. Find joy in your blessings and in serving others.

Curiosity births creativity and new ideas.

Our “adult” routines can easily stifle our curiosity. But curiosity is more than asking questions and prying, curiosity is having a desire to learn. Research around neuroplasticity, essentially how malleable the brain is, has proven that old dogs can learn new tricks. Maybe it is time for you to take that class to learn that thing you have been wanting to learn.

Wonder. Of all these traits, it is wonder that we seem to lose touch with the most.

Wonder is more than an action; wonder is a feeling. That feeling we get when we see all of the stars in the sky for the first time. Wonder is that feeling we get when we watch a butterfly flutter gently across our path. Wonder is what we do when we allow ourselves to be in the moment. We aren’t thinking about our responsibilities when we feel wonder.

Alas, time machines have not yet been invented for us to relive the most wonderful parts of our childhood. But we don’t have to be children. No. We just need to allow ourselves to be and to feel and to view the world with wonder.