Imagine our country if women shared their voices. Imagine the world if this was the case. Imagine how it would impact the lives of our children.

Women make 77 to every dollar a man makes. When women are strong, assertive, or opinionated, they are often call derogatory names. Women are supposed to be pretty and not smart and definitely not pretty and smart. Women are not supposed to be heard, have a voice, or be loud. When they speak out and up, people are quick to judge.

When we allow women to be treated this way, what are we telling women? What are we saying to them? That they don’t matter. They aren’t important enough to be heard. That their thoughts, opinions, and ides aren’t significant.

What does that do to them? It creates a world where women feel unsafe…unsafe to share, have an opinion, love, stand up for themselves, speak up for what they believe, be happy, fight for what’s right, or just be who they are.

It allows women to hide in the shadows afraid—afraid of judgment, criticism, or name calling. Soon, they forget to have an opinion or idea. They only exist in life without really living it…after all, no one cares what they think anyways.

Society pigeon holds women into these roles it thinks we should play. If we don’t want to play the way society things we should, we face the consequences all too familiar to me. The ones where I’ve been called a B for sharing my opinion, discriminated against because I stood up for my rights, and judged because I’m not “like” everyone else.

It’s not pleasant. In fact, it downright sucks, but there is also no price for my voice. There is no price for women’s voices. We deserve our voices to be heard. Our voices matter. Whatever your perspective or opinions are, they deserve to be heard.

When we as women allow others to squash our voices, we are saying their voice is more important than ours, which is just not true. Our voices matter just as much, so don’t let someone else to silence yours. No matter what you are saying, if you believe it, say it loud and say it proud. After all, there are a lot of other women who feel the same and sometimes it takes one person leading their fellow women for others to get the courage to shout it from the rooftops that they too have a voice and want to be heard.

Don’t be quiet anymore. Share your voice. Speak up. Become opinionated. Give your thoughts. Express your ideas. When you give a voice, the louder our voice as women will be heard, and the more we’ll be able to lend our voices to future generations.

What does your voice want to say?

If we allowed women to share their voices, the world would look differently. Women would have the self-confidence to go after the jobs they really want. They would know they deserve to be treated better, so they would never allow others to disrespect them or talk down to them.