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Who is the most powerful that has been at the box office this year? Wonder Woman! I know every woman reading this is a powerful Wonder Woman as well. Remember, knowledge is power when it comes to your health and wellness. We should never stop learning; New insights and studies come out daily. I want…

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Adrenal Fatigue: Why did my ‘giddy-up’ up and go?

Why did my “giddy-up” up and go? A trending topic in my life of late is a nagging lack of energy, brain fog, and overall fatigue that simply doesn’t want to go away, no matter what I do! I get plenty of sleep, exercise, eat healthy, cut down my wine intake (Ouch), and nothing seems…

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4 Things You Should Never Do to Your Ears

Our ears might possibly be our most mistreated body part. We pierce them, subject them to deafening noise, shove cotton swabs inside them, and burn them with ear candling. In spite of supplying us with one of our most essential senses, we never give our ears, or our hearing, much appreciation or thought. That is,…

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Healthy Hydration: It’s More than Just Water

You’ve got a slight headache, you’re a little tired, and your thinking is a bit fuzzy. Should you reach for a snack or a glass of water? These are all symptoms that you are “running on empty”—but that could be from either not eating OR not drinking enough. The good thing is you don’t have…

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By Bridget Swinney |
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Knowledge is Only the Beginning: Bloom’s Taxonomy

Knowledge is useful only when it is actually applied, synthesized and evaluated. To know is only the beginning. According to the Bloom’s Taxonomy (on right), which was created by psychologist Benjamin Bloom in 1948, is a six-tiered pyramid of learning that states the lowest order of thinking is knowledge. To extrapolate the tier of knowledge…

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Mammogram Myth #3: There’s no reason to get a mammogram screening each year

While the prevalence of the “pink ribbon” in today’s society has made more people aware of breast cancer than perhaps at any time in our history, the fact is that there are still far too many conflicting opinions and recommendations regarding when and how often a woman should get her annual mammogram screening. Even women…

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We Are All Recovering From Something

Back in my early sobriety and recovery, it was suggested that I read M. Scott Peck’s book, The Road Less Traveled. The first chapter, titled Problems and Pain, began with the sentence, “Life is difficult.” I put the book down and cried for about a week. That was not what I wanted to hear. Somehow,…

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By Julie Jeter |
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Jump Into Healthy

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it is so important to not just jump into getting healthy with both feet. It has been shown that if you start slowly and gradually work at it you will be more successful making a lifestyle change. Let’s discuss a few tips: WATER- Make sure you drink 16-32…

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By Allison Byrd-Haley |
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How Your Career Choice Could Cause Hearing Loss

While evaluating the multiple factors that go into your career choice, we bet that your long-range hearing health is pretty low on the priority list—if it’s there at all. We understand. And although we don’t think that your ability to hear in the future should govern your career choice, we do think you should be…

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