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Whenever I think of February, I always think of chocolates, romantic love, stuffed animals (as gifts), and Valentine’s candy hearts. In fact, during our dating years, that holiday included all of that. But when I was a child, those candy hearts were only available for that holiday, making them even more yummy and more special….

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3 Sleep Challenges & Hacks to Overcome Them

Do you ever feel like the darkness of the bags under your eyes are like the rings of a tree, but your face is telling people how many years you’ve gone without good sleep? In our overscheduled, race-around lives, sleep is a unicorn. But it’s also the keystone for your overall health and wellness. Learning…

By Karen Shopoff Rooff |
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Speak Life

There is so much power in what we say that we often change the course of our lives without even knowing it. “I don’t see myself ever getting there” or “If I just looked like…” or “I can’t because I am a woman” are common phrases that are not only negative but prophetic. We must…

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Stop Living In Fear

Living in Fear Could be Killing You It was about 18 years ago, and I was being interviewed by a small magazine doing a story on Women of the 80’s in business.  At the time, I had my own insurance agency in North Dallas.  I was my own boss, made my own hours, winning awards…

By Kimberly Sulfridge |
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Old Age Is Definitely Not For Sissies

Old age is definitely not for sissies… I am an only daughter who looks after both of my elderly parents.  As the only girl in my family, I knew growing up that it would be my responsibility to take care of my parents both physically and emotionally.  I am right in the middle and have…

By Meg Henderson Wade |

Invest in Yourself

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Perfection for the New Year: New Year, New You???

What are your plans for the New Year? Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet, or are you still trying to eat the last of the holiday goodies before you make that leap? You certainly wouldn’t want all of those homemade treats to go to waste. A couple of years ago, I just couldn’t…

By Cindy Carter |
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Play The Cards You Have

A number of years ago, I was hitting brick wall after brick wall trying to find a child psychiatrist for my son.  The one we’d had was leaving and returning to his home state, halfway across the country.  A famous institution turned us down because my son’s need for frequent appointments didn’t fit their schedule. …

By Lisa Lambert |
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Driving Your Recovery

This January marks my eight-year anniversary working at MHMR Tarrant.  I was hired as the Program Director for the Youth Recovery Campus.  The Campus provides outpatient substance use disorder treatment for boys and girls age 13-17 and residential treatment for boys.  The boys in the residential program live at the Campus facility for 45-60 days,…

By Julie Jeter |
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Check Up To Show You Care…

This past year, a good friend of mine began sharing with me her concerns about some odd behavior she was seeing in her parents. “They aren’t exactly forthcoming over the phone. They cancelled their annual cruise that they live for because ‘Mom needed some down time.’ And, when I questioned them about this, they told…

By Jaime Cobb |