I have left a big pottery bowl filled with red balls on my primitive coffee table after taking Christmas decorations down. It continues to make my heart smile each time I pass by!


It should be noted that I said I will never have a recliner in my home. They are so ugly. Never the less, I was given one by an extended family member. The joy I get from sitting in my recliner, in my corner, covered by my red Sherpa and gazing at my happy place is unbelievable. To my left is a huge primitive rendition of a horse in brilliant colors. It hangs above my linen slipcovered sofa covered by large Kilim pillows.

In front of the sofa is my coffee table. It is made from an old work bench. To my right is an antique distressed barn red cupboard topped by an amazing angel painting done by a friend. Beside it, an old folk painting of a red wagon. In front of the cabinet is an old pine farm table with four rustic blue chairs and one red one. After a frenzied day, it is a joy to sit in my now beloved recliner and gaze around ant the old stories and rich color. I take a deep breath and settle in.

Feet Suprise

Because of deep pain in my knees, the orthopedist hinted at the need for future knee replacements (ugh!). Then one morning I accidentally put two Dr. Schol’s orthotics (instead of one) in each of my walking shoes without realizing it. Soon after I began to walk I realized the pain was no longer there! Undoubtably, joyful surprises can come wrapped in the most ordinary of boxes!

Food Suprises

A friend and I were enjoying listening to live music and devouring our delicious dinner. As we were ready to leave, the server said “the gentleman over there” had paid for our dinner as he left. Oh, my! Kind deeds done with no expectation of thanks.

A friend knocked on my car window as I was leaving home. As I rolled the window down, she handed me a pastry box. Inside were four gigantic strawberries dipped in luscious dark chocolate! “I just wanted to make sure you had a special Valentine’s Day,” she said and smiled. My eyes misted, as unbeknownst to her, I had decided just last night that I was going to buy myself strawberries dipped in chocolate to celebrate me on Valentine’s Day! Clearly the Spirit works in mysterious ways!

Joyful Moments

The joy of discovering Louise Penny’s books and feeling that each and every character are my neighbors in Three Pines. I imagine having a cup of tea and croissant with jam with them after completing each book I did not want to end.

These are just a few of my musings as I sit in my weathered, hunter green wicker chair with big cushions where my therapy clients sit. Life is complicated and can break our hearts, then joyful surprises break through in unexpected places and make my heart smile.

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