We all are born with unbelievable inner potential and creative abilities, which, if fully manifested, will reveal our true potential and define our true self.  -Dr. Prem Jagyasi

Are you happy with your life? I mean, truly happy with your life. Are their still rocks unturned in the garden of your inner peace and happiness?  Quite simply put, have you honestly put forth an effort to create the life of your dreams? It is ok to admit that you haven’t if that is the case.  Most of us have not pursued our dreams or discovered our life’s purpose.  Most of us have lived our lives in search of approval and pleasing others.  We have responsibilities like taking care of our children, making sure that our spouse’s needs are met, and giving our best to our employers.  We have been conditioned to believe that if we do those things, our lives will be complete.  The sad part is that “we” are nowhere in the equation.  At our core, we are off balance because everyone’s needs are being met, except for our own.  We keep putting off our lives, our happiness, our joy, and the love for ourselves until we find the time, which without a conscious effort, never happens.  What will it take for you to finally live with your “dream life” in mind?

I posted a quote on Facebook three-years-ago that reappeared in my feed a few days ago.  During that time in my life, I decided that I was going to make an effort to create the life of my dreams.  To be honest with you, I didn’t know if it were possible, but something deep inside of me encouraged me to just give it a try, so I did.  The first thing I did was create a vision board.  I wrote positive words, pasted pictures of what I wanted to look like and what I wanted my life to look like.  At the time, I was single and desired a strong committed relationship with a compatible partner.  I wanted to get fit, run a 5k, and compete in bodybuilding.  I wanted to write and publish several books.  I wanted to be interviewed by Oprah, so her picture is also on my board.  I promised that I would not take the vision board down until I have accomplished everything on it.  I was on my way to creating the life of my dreams. 

  In just three years, most of the things that I put on my vision board have been manifested.  To be completely honest, I must confess that I did not look at my vision board, choose an item, and pursue it relentlessly.  All I did was walk past it every day, only gazing at the board occasionally.  I subconsciously brought these things into fruition.  I cannot express strongly enough to you how visualization works.  I also coupled affirmations with this process.  I recited my affirmations at least once daily.  Throughout my day, I listened to motivational speeches and interviews that taught me more and more about changing my mindset from fixed to growth.  I read several books that supported my newfound love of embracing a positive lifestyle and finding joy and love within.  I distanced myself from negativity, including politics, local and world news, and negative music.  I also distanced myself from negative relationships by setting boundaries and learning to love from a distance.  I did these things because of my vulnerability to drift back into a world of negativity. I had to place myself into a protective chrysalis to allow my new, beautiful life to evolve and develop without any negative influence from the outside.  I had to allow my beautiful wings to grow so that when I emerged, I could fly high showing others the beautiful life that they too have the capability of creating.

Creating the life of your dreams is possible.  It is up to you to make the necessary changes to allow yourself to be free.  We are naturally creators.  Tap into the realm of manifestation and watch your life take off.  It is never too late to pursue your dreams.  The beauty in this is that while you think you are doing this for yourself, you realize that evolving into your best self, is the most selfless and rewarding thing that you can do for others.  Your example shows others that it is possible.  Creating the life of your dreams is one of the best ways to teach others how to love themselves.  I hope that my example and my words inspire you to take just one step in the direction of revealing who you were truly destined to be.