Author: Jan Norton

Extraordinary For Being Ordinary

This is the story of a talented individual who put in years of hard work and eventually made it to the top. A person who began a career in the automobile industry at the young age of 18, and who, as the decades passed, was...

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Why I Give

What can I give if I only have so much? Do I have to have millions of dollars in assets to provide a strong community impact? Maybe you have asked yourself one of the above questions but no matter what you can still give within...

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Green Giving

Have you considered giving eco-friendly gifts? There are many options to choose from now, even more than just a few years ago. Sustainable items, everywhere from school supplies and dishware to clothes and electronics, are...

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Intentional Giving

Seems like everyone has their hands outreached this time of year. Salvation Army bells ring as we enter stores, our mail is full of charitable requests, and it seems every organization in which our children or friends are...

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The Gift of Time

Too often we get caught up in the physical gift giving process at this time of year. Endless hours spent online trying to find that perfect gift. Some of us have spent endless hours circling the parking lots at the mall. I...

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