What can I give if I only have so much?

Do I have to have millions of dollars in assets to provide a strong community impact?

Maybe you have asked yourself one of the above questions but no matter what you can still give within your own capacity to. 

There are many ways giving to others has come full circle to show me the amount given has a greater purpose when attached to a great intention.

I have recently become intrigued and involved in the weekly Tuesday twitter chat campaign at 8 pm EST called #WHYiGive

Why I give more than anything else is because I know what it feels like to unexpectedly need something. 

Humbled by circumstances and reminded about how prideful living in abundance can be. 

I can remember once having only eight dollars to my name in my transition to my next job.

The phone call that changed it all was from someone I had only known for a few months. 

The offer was the exact money I needed before starting my new position.  

I share this as a reminder to give what you can because you never know when you will be someone’s just in time miracle.

This is the season of holiday giving and I challenge you to find a cause or person you can help in some way. 

One of my most rewarding experiences giving was volunteering in Dallas with the nonprofit organization Dress for Success

The organization helps to supply women with business attire and career development tools to re-enter into the workforce.

I have seen women walk in very discouraged but leave with a smile. 

Seeing how the kindness of the organization giving basic necessities to women to walk confidently into an interview or new position is priceless.

This is evidence once again that giving is an act of love for those in need. 

Your giving reward is the universe providing for you whenever you may be in need.

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Take the time to twitter chat and inspire others through example with your powerful reasons for giving.