Author: Jan Norton


Our theme this month is giving. I am sure the editors intended the giving of our time, talents and treasure for the betterment of our fellow man. We should all do that – not just at this time of year, but all year long....

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Be Grateful for Who YOU are!

You have a unique set of talents and gifts that have been provided to you. Some of those are natural; some of those you have developed along the way. The question is….. What are you known for? If someone were to describe you,...

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Do You Need A Gratitude Adjustment?

Have you ever had one of those less than thrilling moments in life where nothing is really wrong but everything is wrong all at the same time? Or perhaps something is wrong, but regardless of the circumstances, you feel lost....

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Trich’s Fearless Travel Blog

Dear Fearless Travelers, YEA Girls!! The Africa Safari for 2014 is SOLD OUT!! Thank you for being so fearless. I know that this trip is not for everyone as it is pretty rustic and adventurous to say the least. But it is a life...

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Gratitude in the Valley

“How did I get here?” “Why?” “What went wrong?” “What do I do to get back on the right track?” These are questions I ask myself in some of the most difficult valleys in my life. However, after many seasons of unexpected change I...

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