Reshma Saujani has discovered something shocking about the way we raise our children.  It can even impact us for a lifetime.  Because of the sweeping effect, our economy, entire industries, and families are suffering.

If you haven’t seen this TED Talk, stop right now and watch it.

It took decades before I understood that my desire to be perfect (another word I used, excellent) was holding me back from being brave.  Perfection keeps us from moving forward, from having a bigger impact, from taking on the challenges that will benefit all of us.  The bottom line is perfectionism stifles our creativity, our vulnerability, and our self-image (and those of our sisters, daughters, mothers).  So when you get to a roadblock, rather than chunk out the whole project, encourage yourself with this: It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Encourage the women and girls around you to be brave, not perfect.

My challenge to the women today:  What will you do this week to be brave?