A crazy world! Nudity is ok but covering is not. And who is this for? The woman’s best interests or the man’s?


My two cents. I know the world is currently horrified by the audacity of a woman to want to cover those charms that God has blessed her with – but take a walk in my shoes for a minute.  Those of us who cover have a similar aversion to all this acceptable nudity as well.  Picture me meeting up with a woman in her string bikini while decked out in my burkini. I believe there would be a collective gasp from both sides!

Once again, a little trip down the merry path of life in another’s shoes would do us a world of good. When I see images of Mary, the Mother of Jesus pictured in hot pants and tube top, I might rethink my burkini. But until then, no way Jose!

And Muslims are not alone in this covering business: