You have a unique set of talents and gifts that have been provided to you. Some of those are natural; some of those you have developed along the way.

The question is….. What are you known for?

If someone were to describe you, what adjectives would they use?

What talents would they say you have?

When you personally have clarity about WHO you are, then you stand in your spotlight to share YOU with the world. Your consistent action will shine through.

Being grateful for these talents and gifs only make that light shine brighter.
Being proud to shine that light is not selfish or arrogant.
Instead, it is your demonstration that you are grateful what you have to share and encourage others.

I know a lady, who has a huge heart, extremely gifted in her writing capabilities, and loves to encourage others. She is known for her hand-written notes. After she meets someone, she consistently will write a note of appreciation and encouragement.

It is her “signature gift” to all that she meets.

What is your gift that you consistently share with the world?


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