Have you ever had one of those less than thrilling moments in life where nothing is really wrong but everything is wrong all at the same time? Or perhaps something is wrong, but regardless of the circumstances, you feel lost. Stuck. Sad. Then against your better judgment, you log onto Facebook or Instagram where everyone’s documenting the most stunning aspects of their lives, and suddenly you feel even worse? You continue to scroll through your newsfeed until you’ve irrationally decided that it sucks to be you and rules to be everyone else?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above you should know that you’re not alone. However, you should also stop comparing yourself to others. Your life may not be perfect, but no one’s is. And if you think the people posting glittery pictures of themselves aren’t struggling in some way, you’re sorely mistaken. Everyone struggles from time to time. Everyone has problems. Everyone has insecurities.

Now that we’ve established what a waste of precious time and energy playing the compare and despair game is, let’s discuss what you should do anytime you feel yourself slipping into this self-destructive state of mind…

No matter where you are, grab a notebook and write down ten things you are grateful for…

If you don’t have a paper and pen handy, make a mental note or send yourself a text message.

If you can’t think of ten things, you’re not thinking hard enough. If you can think of more than ten, (and I know you can) fantastic!

I want you to do this, not only when you are feeling down and out, but every single day. I guarantee that over time it will change the way you view your circumstances, yourself, and your life. Because guess what? Amidst the financial woes, heartbreak, aches and pains, or whatever it is that has you feeling down at the moment, you’ve got a lot of awesome things going for you too. Focus on those. Celebrate those. Remind yourself of those. Once a day, twice a day…as many times a day as you need to. This will make you healthier. This will make you happier. This will make you sexier. And this will help you attract even more blessings into your already awesome life.


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