At some point, we all come to a place where change is forced upon us. Change that makes us question the meaning of life, wondering, who am I, why am I here, and what is it all for?

It’s times like these, when to create some sort of understanding, we hear sayings like, “when one door closes, another one opens” or “let it go and if it’s meant for you, it will come back.”  Often the things that feel like endings, are really the beginnings of something beautiful; an awakening or an opportunity to create an authentic new YOU. The best YOU, you can be.

A map to creating an authentic new YOU:

Practice the Act of Forgiveness

Let go of the pain and resentment by working on a forgiveness practice. Practicing the act of forgiveness takes you to the edge of what you can accept. Being on the edge is challenging and takes courage.

There are three parts to practicing forgiveness; asking forgiveness from those you have harmed, forgiving those who have harmed you; and forgiving yourself. Forgiving allows the ability to let go and begin something new- change, grow, and love.

Stop Storytelling About Your Past

Let the past go and stand forever in your present. Focusing on the past robs you of being fully alive in the present. A mindfulness or meditation practice can help you focus on staying in the moment instead of the past. Strategies that can help you focus on the here and now: help others, accept the past and use it as a learning lesson, and be aware of your self-talk.

Often the things that feel like endings, are really the beginnings of something beautiful...Know Your “Why”

As you create your authentic new self, become clear on what sets your soul on fire. Take the time to discover the things that really matter to you.

Your past will likely have your answers. Within the pain and low points of your past are seeds of your purpose; your task is to discover what those are. Your heart is the best way to access your why- purpose and passion. Step toward what you love, it will inspire your heart and soul. Leading with your heart makes you more joyful and motivated to explore what brings you the most joy.

Once you discover and acknowledge your purpose, start living it. If your purpose is to empower people, heal people, or spread a heartfelt message, do that.

Honor Your Unique Gifts

You know those gifts that you’ve received compliments for. Now is the time to honor and embrace those gifts as your unique talents and skills. We all have that special something that is unique to us; whether it is the ability to bring a smile to someone’s face, an ability to write poetry, or to inspire others. Your gifts are essential to your purpose. When you’re in alignment with our purpose, you will experience more harmony, grace, and fulfillment because you’re then open to the potential in your life.

Envision for Your New Authentic Self

Starting over allows you the opportunity to create the authentic self that you desire. Picture the life that you want, visualize it, and write it down. Make this life that you want so real that you can feel it. When you can see yourself with the life that you desire, you know where you are going and the ideas on how you will get there will enliven and inspire you.

Work on Your Inside

Success and happiness are an inside job, although most of us spend our time looking for happiness and success on the outside. That doesn’t work, so switch it up!

It’s time to focus on you and your own personal growth. Healing and self-love come from within so create the space to work on YOU from the inside out. A mindful or meditation practice are tools that help keep you focused, centered, and balanced. Build your life around what you value. Let go of trying to please others.

Move Towards A New Life

Spend every moment working towards what brings you closer to the life that you envision. Cultivate your gifts and pursue your dreams with a passion, every day. Take action toward the life that you desire. Create goals and work on daily habits that help you get there. Your authentic new YOU starts now, by living the life that you dream of today and every day.



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