It’s 6:15 on Thursday morning. The alarm clock hasn’t gone off yet, but I’m already awake thanks to the sharp kick to the kidney I received from our one-year old son, Zachary, five minutes prior. Although he always starts off in his crib, he almost always ends up in our bed between 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning. In a desperate attempt to refresh ourselves, we’ve succumbed to his requests (for now, anyway).

I drag myself out of bed and begin my morning routine. I am pleased to report I can accomplish the following tasks within 30 to 45 minutes:

• Make coffee;
• Prep my son’s backpack for school;
• Get “ready;”
• Let the dog out;
• Let the dog in;
• Feed said dog;
• Get my son “ready;”
• Make lunch (sometimes two);
• Load the car; and
• Make it out of my neighborhood before realizing I forgot something.

Other than the kidney punch, the morning is going exceptionally well and the usual traffic is unexpectedly nonexistent. I think to myself, “I might actually make it to work early!” I drop Zachary off at day care, park my car, and leisurely walk to my office.

Ah, a new day. A clean slate. A perfect start. I open my laptop and check my to-do list. What does today have in store?

OHMIGAWD, I have an event planning meeting with Stephen in 5 minutes and it’s off-site. Although it isn’t far enough to drive, it is a 10-minute walk, at least. Worse: this is my first meeting with Stephen. Panic, panic, panic. I start a new email, subject line: I AM RUNNING LATE. BE THERE IN 5 MIN. I gather my meeting arsenal and dash down the stairs, out the door, and start heeling (literally) it to my meeting.

Moments like this happen, but not very often as they used to. After becoming a working mom, it was amazing to me how much I could juggle at one time: my marriage, toddler, work, friends, family, and all of the other important stuff that comes along with each of these important things. My brain was permanently in overdrive, but I was managing to make this it all work – and I was darn proud of it, too. Motherhood pushes us to our limits; I have never loved as hard or worked as hard as I do now.

I arrive exactly 5 minutes late, not a minute more, but Stephen is nowhere to be found. Where IS he? Did I miss him? Surely not, I’m only 5 minutes late. I check my phone. No messages, not even a call. I check email again, glazing over a couple of emails I note to respond to later. Then one of them catches my eye, subject line: Forms due today (Wednesday).


As it turns out, it isn’t Thursday at all – it’s WEDNESDAY – and my meeting isn’t until the next morning. I pack up my stuff (and my pride) and gradually walk back to my office, somewhat relieved Thursday is tomorrow.

Another workday has begun.