As citizens of the modern world, we are constantly searching for “quality” in all aspects of life.

Whether it’s something small like purchasing a smart phone, or something more significant like choosing a spouse, we all want high quality.

But when it comes to food, so many of us are quick to choose low quality instead.

But why? You wouldn’t choose a phone that slows you down, or a partner that makes you feel bad. So why would we choose foods that do?

Many people use the excuse that eating healthfully is too expensive or time consuming. But in reality, a whole-food diet rich in greens, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is not only satisfying, but can also be simple and economical.

Plus, it’s the first step to creating a high-energy, high-quality life. After all, it’s when we feel our best that we can be our best.

So let’s leave all things partially-hydrogenated, greasy, gooey, sugary, and fake in 2012, and resolve to bring quality into our diet in 2013!

Here are the first four steps to getting started!

Step # 1: Drink plenty of water
Often times we mistake thirst for hunger. Instead of reaching for a glass of water, we reach for a snack. Water is vital to good health, yet so many of us neglect to get an ample amount. The rule of thumb with water is to drink half of your body weight in ounces. You’ll begin to fill up on water and will be less inclined to reach for that bag of chips.

Step # 2: Choose one thing in your diet that you consume on a regular basis that you KNOW is not good for you, and slowly start to reduce your consumption

For example: Are you a coffee drinker? If so, do you drink more than one cup a day? Don’t just quit cold turkey. Start off small. If you drink three cups a day, cut down to two cups a day. Then replace your third with green tea. Continue in this fashion until you’re down to one, or better yet, NONE!

Are you a candy bar addict? Replace your candy bars with organic dark chocolate, or with a health food bar. Brands such as Greens+ energy bars, Raw Revolution organic live food bars, or Go Raw bars are delicious and satiating!

Step # 3: Visit your local health food store
Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are the most prevalent, but many cities have smaller, privately owned health food stores with even healthier options. It’s kind of nerdy, but I actually look forward to my weekly shopping sprees. Experimenting with different super foods, and being in control of what I am putting into my shopping cart, and therefore my body, is something I find to be both exciting and empowering!

Step # 4-Evaluate the foods you do not intend to cut out. Pick one or two products per week and choose a healthier option

For Example:

Week # 1
-Switch from white pasta to organic whole-grain pasta
-Switch from white bread to Ezekiel bread (Ezekiel products are made from sprouted whole grains, and can be found in the frozen section of most supermarkets)

Week # 2
-Switch from white rice to brown rice
-Switch from Skippy to organic peanut or almond butter

Week # 3
-Switch from jelly, to natural honey
-Switch from refined table sugar, to natural sweeteners like Agave nectar or Stevia

To learn more about gradually replacing processed, health-depleting foods with quality, nutritious ones, click here:


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