We often assume that we can plan change, control it and manage it with enough discipline and structure.  That may work when the change is expected or known—and you are moving from one stage to another, in a series of steps.  But how do you handle the kind of change that is found in Nature–constant and unknown, fluid and unpredictable?  What do you do when the change is something you’ve never encountered before?   

 Lose control and explore by:   

  • Looking for patterns of information…a pattern is when series of data repeats in a recognizable way. It can help you synthesize research and feedback from your organization or your colleagues.  When a new idea or trend emerges, look for its source and where it’s been. If you can identify shifts or turns that are occurring and any cyclical patterns that have happened in the past, you can gain important insight into what may happen in the future. Look at the world from a macro-level to see visual patterns that can help you identify critical solutions — even leading you to breakthrough thinking, ideas and innovation.
  • Being open to surprises…react with a frame of mind of ‘welcome’ and ‘fun,’ rather than shock or set-back when you are faced with the unexpected! This can help you mentally stay flexible and help you adjust your attitude more quickly to the situation in the moment.  With a positive frame of reference and spirited emotional tone, you can make better decisions and responses. Acknowledging the ‘unknown’ as a new adventure, can help you expand your boundaries and explore new options…
  • Interacting with others…going it alone in complex, turbulent change is not an easy, hero’s journey. If you are trying to manage a change you’ve never encountered before, reach out to those more experienced, as well as, those closest to the situation.  Leverage the knowledge and expertise that is all around. Observe how others respond to their environment and listen to what they can tell you.  How you facilitate, negotiate and navigate valuable relationships gives you a safety net and a network of support…

Lose control to explore… comment below or write me about what change you are allowing to ‘emerge’?
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