For many of us, the cycle of working to live is commonplace, in fact it’s the reality for most people.

But what happens when you take a minute to step outside everyday life and think beyond the paycheck and work out your personal ‘relationship’ with money. Is it possible to overcome barriers that might be unconsciously holding you back?

Having heard a little bit about my story already, you won’t be surprised to hear that accumulating US $180,000 of credit card debt on two different continents didn’t happen overnight.

Not only did it take me a long time to build up that debt, the seeds of my money issues were also built up over the years.

When I was a young girl, I believed that anything was possible. I had a sense of wonder about life, I was filled with excitement about my future and in my heart I believed I would grow to be a rich, happy and free woman.

But as I grew up, seeds of doubt began to grow. People told me it was nice to have ‘pipe dreams’ but not to count on them coming true. You see, I was always told that ‘girls aren’t good with math and money.’

Over time I lost my way, I lost my sense of wonder and I lost belief in myself and my vision. I was a smart, university educated woman who had every reason to be wealthy and successful, but I was trapped in a cycle of spending and debt. The deeper I got into debt, the worse I felt. The worse I felt, the more I spent. This played out in some serious overspending and chronic under-earning.

And underneath that was the belief I didn’t deserve a lot of money because I wasn’t of value myself. My lack of self worth prevented me from showing up in the world as the women I wanted to be.

My money issues were costing me more than money – they were robbing me of my peace of mind sound sleep at night, my confidence and personal power.

Breaking free: from financial chaos to financial freedom
There is no doubt that shifting my mindset about money was a challenging process. It took an enormous amount of inner strength and courage to realize that creating real wealth was possible. The tools I used in my financial transformation were not about complex spreadsheets and budgets – they were much simpler and much more powerful.

Is your money story holding you back from financial freedom?
No matter what your financial situation is, your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors color every single interaction you have with money.

Through my business,, I developed a tool that I believe marks the first step in understanding your unique relationship with money. The Money Style Finder helps you to understand your core beliefs and attitudes when it comes to your finances. Once you understand your personal money style, you’ll gain valuable insights into why you act the way you do. Then you can play to your strengths and make the necessary changes to improve your situation and make peace with it.

The Money Style Finder is divided into four easy-to navigate sections:

1. This is you: we’ll define your Money Style with an overview of how you deal with money (or don’t deal with it, as the case may be)

2. What scares you: This is where we delve into your gravest money concerns and niggling worries that can keep you from fulfilling your potential.

3. What will free you: A five point action plan is where we show you practical ways you can evolve your approach to money, and work with what you have on a more positive plane.

4. Affirmations: Start and finish your day with these affirmations

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Yours in wonder,
Alice x