Hi Fearless Travelers,

I have been wondering if anyone else suffers from “Sad to be home” Syndrome or “The traveler’s blues”. Do you find yourself impossible to live with or miserable when you return from a trip? I seem to never want to come home.

Trich 2It takes me about a month to return to, whatever you would call my life as being “normal”. I simply cannot imagine anyone not wanting to come home to endless meetings, numerous projects and no sleep. You know I used to have the strength to “do it all”. However, now that I am somewhat older and considered a senior citizen, I just can’t do it all. It kills me to admit that. AND I don’t even want to talk about the snippy little (young) clerk that asked me if I would like the senior discount.

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Trich 4Maybe the aforementioned is one of the reasons I am adamant about traveling. It is such an honor for me to see the beauty of a destination, meet the most amazing people, experience the culture that is so different from ours, and visit places I have read about all my life in National Geographic. Whether it is a day trip or an adventure that takes two days just to get there the memories, education, and cultural understanding are immeasurable.

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Trich 6Trich 5You can feel the power of nature when you watch Alaskan glaciers “calve” or feel the mist and the deafening sound of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Africa. The magical gift of sharing a 30th birthday with youngest son in Yosemite National Park then later in the year walking with lions with my oldest son.


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You can sail around the Galapagos Islands and learn the foundation of Darwin and his conclusions. Then visit a hotel that looks like a ship in Dubai and try to figure out how those sand islands will withstand a hurricane.Trich 9

Trich 12Trich 11One of the most exciting aspects of travel for me is helping with endangered species and being able to see them in their native habitat. We spent a day with African Painted Dogs or Wild Dogs with five pups. They are one of Africa’s most endangered species. Seeing the pups helps the researchers know that they are breeding. We had the opportunity to meet Dr. Kate Evans who is studying young male elephant behavior. We will be able to help her in her fight for the elephants. There is an amazing place to visit just down the road in Glen Rose, Texas, called Fossil Rim Wildlife Center where they work with sixteen endangered species. I have had the incredible opportunity to Volunteer there for almost 30 years as a tour guide and educator.Trich 13

Sorry, there are a several things I am impassioned about and that is education , trying to save endangered species and my travel. I am beginning to think it is a sickness . . . Help, I can’t seem to stop . . .Trich 14

Hey!! Anybody up for Antarctica December 2014 ??

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What IS wrong with me ????