You’ve already figured out that I love, love, love the Olympics. You know this because I can’t stop talking about it. Did you see the women’s 5000 meter qualifying race? Watch it here. Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand was tripped and fell. As Nikki fell to the ground, Abbey D’Agostino of the United States fell over her. Nikki lay completely still (truly injured) as Abbey was getting back up. Abbey did not start running again, she touched Nikki on the shoulder and said “Get up. Get up. This is the Olympics. We have to finish the race.” The two of them finished last. If I understand the policies correctly, they will compete in the final race because they were tripped. Their bravery kept them moving even though it seemed all was lost!

What a beautiful picture of how desperately we need each other in order to keep moving forward. Whatever is tripping you up today, something that truly injured you or something that just slowed you down, I want to say, “Get up. Get up. This is life! We have to finish the race!

The courage with which you complete the task will be rewarded.

See you at the finish line!

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