Continuing your education while working full-time is a worthwhile but time intensive measure. It requires dedication, focus and discipline.

It also helps if your boss is supportive of your educational commitment. To get your supervisor onboard, approach him or her early on in the process.

Develop a plan. Think about your day-to-day responsibilities, and identify areas in which there could be a potential challenge. Make sure you come up prospective solutions for each challenge. If your plan will require coworkers to cover for you, figure out if there are duties you can take on for them. Create a detailed plan of how you will prioritize your work and school responsibilities.

Alleviate your employer’s concerns. While most supervisors will understand that further education will make you more valuable, it is only natural that they also be concerned that your return to school will interfere with your present duties. If you will require a flexible or different schedule, present a few options. Can you come in earlier so you can leave for class? Eat lunch at your desk and use your lunch hour to make it to class on time? Make it clear that school will not be used as an excuse to be late, tired, stressed or distracted. Share the plan you created with your supervisor, and be open to discussion.

Show how your goals align with the company’s goals. Be clear about why you are going back to school and what benefits your team will receive as a result of your increased knowledge. If there are any classes that will be of particular assistance, be sure to highlight them. Ask for your manager’s input when choosing between classes. This may be a great opportunity to transform her from a supervisor to a mentor.

Once you talk to your supervisor, you will be a great position to start planning for your academic – and future career – success! Know what lies ahead with this great article:


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