Teach your family and friends something fun this year and share ways that kids can get green going back to school. As society becomes more educated about sustainable products, there are a lot of options available for school items, everywhere from crayons and pens to backpacks and electronic gadgets. Here are some fantastic eco-friendly options:

School Supplies
Crazy Crayons
Green Apple School Supply (They have a 12 piece math set made of corn plastic and a biodegradable rubber and plastic calculator!)
Dixon Ticonderoga

Lunch Products
Eco Lunchbox
Laptop Lunches
Klean Kanteen
GoGreen Lunch Box

Paper and Notebooks
The Banana Paper Company
New Leaf Paper
Roaring Spring

Engage Green
Voltaic (Solar chargers and solar backpacks!)

Laptop Sleeves, Cases and Tablets

Another practical resource for a variety of products is TerraCycle. They are an international organization that offers backpacks, pencil cases and lunch boxes made from waste like chip bags and plastic bags. Considered the world’s leader in the collection and reuse of non-recyclable, post-consumer waste, they create items from more than one hundred well-known brands. Teachers and students can also participate in collection contests and raise money for their schools. Read about an example of the program done in the Dallas and Mesquite, Texas, Independent School Districts here.

Take a few minutes and check out all of these earth-friendly school supplies options. You might find yourself using them, too!


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