It’s inevitable during our lifetime, that we will have moments, where we look back and have those, ‘should have’, ‘could have’, ‘would have’ moments. These are the instances that not only define who we are, but they define what we are.

You see our patterns and behaviors for making decisions are often based on these pivotal moments in our brains.

If we fear something will happen, we often give it so much unconscious focus and attention, that eventually, that which we fear, comes to pass.

But the good news is, this pattern of unconscious focus works the same way if we want something. Think for a moment about the last time you subconsciously imagined buying a particular item or traveling to a place or even meeting a certain type of person.

I’ll give you an example from my personal data files. Several years ago, I had an internal yearning to visit Utah, but it wasn’t like a desire to go on a vacation or site-seeing or anything like that. It’s hard to really explain why, but all I can tell you, is this trip to Utah was one that I knew I would have to take.

Now, I could have easily called a travel agent or gotten online and booked a trip there, but this wasn’t that type of visit for me. Instead I felt as though, there was a deeper connection to it than I knew or understood.

Let’s take a step back to a few months ago. I’m planning a return flight home and unfortunately there were no direct flights, only connections. Being a frequent flyer, I consistently try to travel the path of least resistance in order to get me to my destination point as quickly as possible.

nothing happens just to happen...there is an order to everything on this earth.In searching for quickest and shortest connection, I stumbled across one which I’ve never seen before during this routine travel itinerary. Where do think this particular one connected? Of course, you guessed correctly, Utah! It was a connection from Salt Lake City to Dallas.

To say, I was a little excited about this mini connection wouldn’t be an exaggeration. I actually looked forward to it, even if it was for just a brief moment, because I felt that there was honestly something deeper than I knew that was drawing me to it.

Prior to my Utah connection, I must set the stage for moments just beforehand. I had just finished attending an awesome conference with my former colleagues and although it was the holidays, the airport which was extremely crowded with many travelers focused on getting home to see their families and friends, also had a sense of unfamiliarity, even though I had been through this airport and terminal many times.

It was already an inconvenience to have go through the airport with a knee injury I had suffered just a few weeks prior, but because I knew I had my connection, I figured, better to keep my luggage on me rather than check it in.

Nonetheless, it was refreshing to see Saint Nicholas and his little helpers roaming through the corridors of the airport, greeting the children as they passed. This moment of cheerfulness helped to calm my temporary disposition of frustration due to an unexpected, last minute gate change, as our plane was running almost an hour behind schedule.

As you can imagine roaming through the airport with luggage and an injury was quite uncomfortable, however, it’s important to remember, we must persevere in spite of our obstacles.

When we arrived in Utah for our connection, it was nearly a miss due to the delayed flight, but the funny thing is, despite just being there for a few minutes, it was unique in that, the trip would turn out later to be more symbolic ‘personally’ than I realized it would be. You see this trip, regardless of the length, inconvenience or challenges that were presented, epitomized the ending and beginning of a wonderful chapter in my life.

Fast forward to today, I am sharing this story because I want you to understand, that I believe nothing happens just to happen and that there is an order to everything on this earth.

So, take a moment to harness and embrace your thoughts, because even the unconscious become the conscious, and the bad becomes the bad, just as the good, becomes the good. It’s all about what YOU want and believe!

For me, I believe in the good and as a result, I have been blessed with the good, over and over!


Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash


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