“Marketing gurus of days gone by” taught us to make certain that everything we ever did, every article we wrote, talk we gave, meme we posted, MUST be accompanied by a strong Call-To-Action at the end of it.

Well, I am tossing that out today.

I am STARTING with a strong Call-To-Action today. Indeed, I am sounding the freakin’ alarm.

Dear friends, colleagues, co-workers, and co-conspirators we have work to do.

I suspect you will have noticed a “falling away” of some of the things in your life that may have qualified as “distractions.”

I anticipate you will tell me that some of your best-laid plans have fallen apart.

And in some cases, you will share with me that your entire world has been turned upside down of late, leaving you wondering just what the eff is going on.

And here’s what I know to be true: When the World is seemingly going to hell in a handcart all around us, we must hear the rallying cry, and join forces with our allies, and take a stand for what we believe in, for what we are here to create, for the difference we are meant to make in this world, in this lifetime.

And that is the ONLY Call-To-Action you simply must heed today.

For me, this has meant several things.

In the face of a rather personal grief, I sounded my own alarm by sending a text message to my nearest and dearest friends, telling them what has happened, and asking quite plainly and frankly for their help and support as I navigate these coming days and months.

My friends heard my cry, and responded with support and love.

In the face of feeling somewhat odd about approaching the age of 44, I decided enough was enough! It was time to raise my own “inner alarm,” and ensure that the work I was doing was indeed my own Legacy Work, and to pursue it with dedication and passion and relentless joy.

My clients have somehow heard my inner calling, and matched it, showing up ready, eager, and prepared to pursue their own Life’s Work with zeal.

In the face of feeling disconnected from people who really “get me,” who really “get” this New Paradigm of building a business from a place of joy and total alignment with Self, I put out the call for collaborators who shared my beliefs and my desire to do Really Good Work in the world.

My colleagues, Stella Orange and Sarah Dew heard me shouting, ran over, and without further ado, we built a new business. Together. (As it should be.)

In the face of feeling like there was no “place” for the business owners that I know and love to gather together and meet and connect with openness and lightness-of-heart, to pursue their goals and build their businesses in a NEW, different way, we (Stella, Sarah, and I) all rang the bells.

And our clients have shown up in droves. Ready. Excited. And relieved at having found that the Way They Want to Build Their Business isn’t wrong, never was, and indeed can bring them the success they desire (however they define it.)

And in the face of feeling, in my darkest moments, like maybe we truly are in Really Big Trouble on the Planet, I have cried out to the Guides around me, asking them for their help, pleading (yes, sometimes begging), to help me find ways to ease this inevitable shift we’ve found ourselves living out.

And they, too, have heard my cry, and have gathered around Us to lend their energy and loving wisdom to help us mere mortals as we transition our Planet and our Ways.

Friends, colleagues, co-workers, and co-conspirators, it is time to rally ’round.

Around one another.

Around our selves.

Around our mission, and vision for a greater World.

There is but one way forward, dear ones, and it is Together.