Over the years, I dare to say that most of us took part in endless holiday plays at school or maybe at a church, regardless of where – there was always a common thread of seven little words spoken, “Peace on Earth. Good Will to Men.” Perhaps, it would be a banner with gold lettering with those famous words, or a soft angelic voice to sing them or as the grand finale of the play, a commanding voice that would bellow the plea for peace. One might wonder, will we ever accomplish this dream? Sadly, in spite of the banners, angelic voices and the desire for peace, we have yet to even come close, but what a beautiful world it would be.

The vision of our earth actually being a peaceful planet may be more to tackle than is possible, but we can at least begin. What IF it didn’t matter what a person believes- religious views, political views, or the life they choose; instead we just try to see a person for who they are as a human being. Couldn’t we try to see the best in each person we meet and not delight in finding their faults.

Imagine the peace of a mother who could lay her head on a pillow at night instead of living in fear of a call to tell her that her child was gone. No voice telling her that her child “was at the wrong place at the wrong time” and that hate took her child’s life.  Imagine a person who can wear the cloth of their faith being allowed to worship without the risk of being judged. Imagine a family who values every loved-one regardless of their differences. Imagine a world where we didn’t just think of ourselves but what is good for those around us even being willing to sacrifice when it’s the best for others, just imagine.

This year has been like no other and while we are not in control of what our world is enduring at this time, we are in control of ourselves and our hearts. Every gesture of kindness, of generosity, of understanding will bring us one step closer to a more peaceful world. Truthfully, we are all more alike than we are different, let’s build upon that common fact and treat each other as we would wish to be treated. Perhaps, we will be able to see a small glimpse of “peace on earth.” If not now, when…?