Summer may be winding down, but it’s never too late to heat things up.

And what better way than with a super-hot workout designed to transform your body and your mind?

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about Bikram yoga.

Bikram is by far my favorite kind of yoga. That’s because I love to sweat. And I mean really sweat. Because when I do, I know that I’m releasing tons of sneaky little toxins. And afterwards, I feel incredibly happy, calm, and light.

For those who may be unfamiliar with Bikram, it’s a 90-minute practice consisting of 26 postures (asana) and 2 breathing exercises.

But here’s where it gets steamy…

The room is heated to 105 degrees with a humidity level of 40%.

Let’s just say your hair will be drenched, your towel soaked, and your body begging for a cold shower. But after those 90 minutes are up, you’ll feel like a new woman.

If you’re finding yourself saying: “Nope”, “Not for me” or “I’ll just stick with Prancercise”, listen up…

No matter what your age, shape, or size, Bikram can benefit just about anyone. Below are 11 sizzling-hot reasons why.

Bikram yoga can:

1. Calm the mind
2. Increase mental clarity
3. Release and reduce stress and tension
4. Promote weight loss by improving metabolic function and digestion
5. Improve thyroid function
6. Reduce cortisol levels
7. Rid the blood of toxins (Peace out toxins!)
8. Increase joint mobility
9. Boost the lymphatic system
10. Stimulate the nervous system to improve neural functions
11. Synchronize the nervous and endocrine system

No wonder I feel so amazing afterwards!

Remember to drink LOTS and LOTS of purified water before and after every class. During the first class or two, you may find yourself feeling dizzy or nauseous. This is normal. If this happens, sit a posture out or notify the instructor.

Now let’s hear from you. What are some sizzling-hot workouts you plan on trying this fall?


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