Accountability equals Attrustability. They go hand in hand. How?

Yes, attrustability is a new word, totally made up by Lauren Midgley who works with individuals and business owners on their accountability, promises and focus on desired results.

How many times have you heard someone say, “Yes, I can count on her”?

For the person who is wants action from another person, what they are really saying is, “Yes, I can trust that her word and actions are good”. They know that if they ask Person X to do something, it will be done.

Person X accepts their role as being fully accountable, and can be trusted to follow through.

How many times have we had the opposite situation occur? You really needed someone to take action, they promised they would do it, and it doesn’t happen. You are extremely disappointed. You trusted their words and actions were in alignment. And you were let down by this person.

Even better is when Person X accepts their role as being accountable, honors their promises and delivers results on a consistent basis. This type of person becomes the go-to person to get things done, over and over again. They are in the 20% club that gets 80% of the results accomplished.

Next time you ask someone to help you out with a task, or a goal, or a project, consider carefully if this person understands “Attrustability” – the definition of Accountability taken to the next level.


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