When was the last time you found yourself reaching for another cookie because you had a long day and deserved it? If it is not a cookie, then a slice of pizza or another glass of wine. We are constantly justifying our actions to appeal to someone’s expectations. If not your own, then a partner, friend, colleague, or societal expectations. Do not let these sway your decisions.

Why are self-justifications made? People have a plethora of excuses when it comes to difficult tasks. Why did you Doordash pizza instead of cooking tonight? Oh, because there wasn’t enough time! In reality, these justifications only save face to portray ourselves in a positive light. It’s okay not to be perfect. Stop making justifications of your actions to fit another person’s opinions.

Now onto others. We all know that one person who has an excuse for everything. When we justify their behavior it only solidifies who we want them to be. Not who they actually are. Discover what their true intentions are.


The key to overcoming self-justification is to make decisions with confidence. Do not second-guess yourself, or let others alter your opinions. Once you determine the reasons behind your decisions, be clear and concise. Use explanations and be direct. We have a right to make our own decisions, even if they turn out to be wrong. Stop your own self-justification. Lining morals up with personal actions will make you feel more content with yourself. This will help you see people for their true actions, not excuses.

Justifying our actions is only needed to save ourselves from embarrassment. Explain your reasoning, even if that means humbling yourself. Stay true to your morals and the rest will fall in line. Just remember to be yourself—through and through.

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