Amongst all the change,

I hope my heart stays.

Crowded days & a lonely place.

Is moving on right for me?

Not so sure

but soon I know somehow I’ll see


There’s a power to walking away.

But also a heart quake.

They tell you this,

They tell me that.

How am I to know which ones right.


Fear escapes me

Anxiety controls me.

So who am I to not just be

Trying to live


No one knows what the future holds

So let’s worry less for tomorrow

and take care of today.

There’s strength to stay

and hope to go.

It’s time I journey a different road.

Thankful for all I am

God’s purpose and plan.

For it’s allowed me to be so free

In times of need.

It reminds me

Every chapter has its end

So the new one can begin.

It’s your life there’s no looking back

May your fear of others not lead to attack.

Do what’s best for you

Follow it all the way through.

Til you know

deep down & all around.

That hope has remained

And to yourself you’ve stayed

True as can be.

Free as you’re ever allowed to be.

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