I just browsed a book about the human brain. Like a muscle, our brains need constant, repetitive stimulation in all its different parts, to be stronger and continue to make connections. I consider positive human connections as my key element to keeping motivated and continuing to build connections in this short worldly life that we have.

Keeping Motivated

As humans, we need constant stimulation to keep ourselves interested and motivated in life. What are you going to do in the new year to continue that? Maybe you’ve taken up a new hobby this year. For example, my oldest daughter has taken up crocheting and even started her own business. Now that it is safer to travel, my youngest daughter just visited Spain with her friends for the first time. I have been able to take some time for myself to stay home and relax without having to think about anyone else’s needs.

Give yourself that kind of time and you really start to understand what your body needs. Sometimes that can be going on a spontaneous vacation. For others this could mean starting a new hobby and finding a group of like-minded people. My husband could always be found with his friends playing golf, playing cards, and shopping.

There was always a story to be found when you surround yourself with people. I find joy and excitement in my work. Nurturing deeper connections with the clients that I serve and support fuels my passion. Sustaining lasting relationships with the partners I collaborate with keeps me motivated.  

What’s Next?

Before we get too in-depth about what’s next, do you have the proper safety net to continue without taking a big hit? You need to be able to support yourself if you want to take on a new hobby or travel. Thankfully, since I’m in the business of financial planning, I have been able to teach my two daughters about saving and spending wisely. I’ve seen my daughters keep close track of how much money they gain and how to put money away for their retirement fund. 

Indulging yourself is never a bad thing, sometimes you need to spoil yourself. There is no one that knows you better than yourself. One way to keep that feeling of anticipation going is to give yourself a treat when you have accomplished your to-do list. Giving yourself that extra push of motivation can make the biggest difference in your accomplishments. It can also improve your mental health. This idea can work on anything. You kept a consistent work stream for the entire month, quarter, or year- let’s go on a vacation! Treat yourself! Giving yourself something to look forward to is one of the easiest ways to keep us motivated. Just make sure it’s within your budget.

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