As we start the new year, most of us have grand and exciting plans to make this new year the best year yet. And yet, many times we have already broken our resolutions by the second week of January! (Yes…..that is true:) So, as we embark on 2020, I was intrigued by a few articles which focus on the concept of  “Just For Today”. I read an article by, of all people, Dear Abby, in which she highlighted a post from her late mother, Pauline Phillips, who adapted by the original credo of Al-Anon. I was touched by the simplicity of the ‘just for today’ approach…and thus, have taken my own ‘stab’ at what this may look like for me in 2020.

Just for today….I will live this day to its fullest….meaning simple, introspective walks with Lulu in the morning, embracing each soul who crosses my path, loving the moon and stars, learning the hard lessons, keeping a constant prayerful state with our Creator, and working hard to achieve my aspirations among many other breath-filled moments.

Just for today….I will do all I can to be and stay healthy…..pray, exercise, meditate, eat and drink right, and get enough rest.

Just for today….I will be kind to all who cross my path, especially those who pass unfair judgment fed by jealousy, and those that wish ill upon others.

Just for today.…I accept my current reality with gratitude, play the hand I have been dealt, and change those things I can and accept those I cannot…..and choose to learn from them.

Just for today.….I will do all I can to improve myself…, learn, listen, shift perspectives, embrace change, healthy choices, and take full responsibility for my life – good, challenging, and fulfilling.

Just for today…..I will choose love over fear. I will choose Faith over doubt. I will choose joy over sadness. I will choose hope over hatred. I choose to serve in all things and in all ways.

As I started today’s article, each of us have the opportunity to ‘start over’ each year – and yes, our years are made up of 365 days – no more, no less. So, let’s focus on EACH DAY…..Just for Today.