My apologies to all the parents and grandparents of small children if the theme song from “Frozen” is now playing in your head.

Let’s discuss what I mean by “Let it go.” It is a new year, and it seems to be the time so many of us start a new resolution, whether it’s a new task, approach to a habit, or adding some healthy food and exercise into our regimen. Great job! Until about February, because that is about how long our new year’s resolutions last.

Now what? Let’s try something that’s relatively easy to say, yet oh so hard to do; let some things go. Let go of the negative attitude, let go of the toxic people that cause you to think poorly of yourself, and LET go of the belief that you are not enough. Let go of the self-defeating talk going on in your head. Get in a relationship with yourself.

Now if you are feeling unusually sad and do not know where those thoughts are coming from, please seek help; see information at the end of this article.

For those in a slump, let it go. Let go of whatever is hindering you. Speak truth and positivity to yourself and watch your life and your relationship with yourself change. Be accountable for that change and the items you need to let go. If you fail at something, remember you now know one way your approach does not work, and you can adjust for next time. I say this with 100% confidence because there will be a next time if you keep an open mindset. Think about people like Bill Gates, Oprah, Henry Ford, or Jerry Seinfeld… these are all people who failed and tried again.

Finding yourself can lead you to finding belonging, purpose, transcendence, and your story. Watch this Emily Esfahani Smith’s TEDTalk, “There’s more to life than being happy.” She discusses the four pillars to a meaningful life. I focused on the fourth pillar as I considered my relationship with myself and embracing storytelling is the most impactful way. To Smith the pillar of storytelling is very impactful because it is the story you tell yourself about yourself and how you became you. She also explains there is a road forward to changing your story.

If you don’t know where to start and motivation is the problem, start small and grow from there.

Something that helps me, and others have stated helps them, is getting their thoughts out. Start journaling and determine what is happening when you feel great, bad, or even mediocre. Get those thoughts out and think about them, identify issues, and most importantly, let go of what is holding you back. Lastly and always, let go of things that do not grow you or bring you joy. Have a happy and fruitful 2019!

Remember if you are depressed and need help, text START to 741-741 or call 1-800-273-8255.

If you see someone that concerns you, learn about QPR — Question, Persuade, and Refer (QPR). For more info go to