Relationships are not just about people. Since my firm is in the “Money Matters” business, we focus our attention on our client’s relationships with their Money.

If you were to give yourself a grade in your relationship with money how would you do? Is it an A, B, or something else?

Many people have an unhealthy relationship with their money; and oftentimes it’s not their fault!  Some of you have been taught to think about money a certain way since you were a child. As a result, instead of inheriting good money relationships, you inherited an unhealthy relationship that may cause you to miss opportunities or attract money challenges.

It’s time to break that negative mindset and re-build or re-think how you “work” or think about your relationship with Money. We have a phrase that says, “Take control of your Money Matters, so your Money will work harder for you.”

Let’s make a commitment to ourselves to change your Mindset about Money and take some concrete action in your daily life:

  • First, it’s not your fault. Give yourself a break. You may have been raised to believe that Money is the “root of all evil.”
  • Your background, your education, your career, is irrelevant when it comes to the earning Money. Anyone who strives to improve their life, works hard in a career or business they are passionate about, can make Money.
  • However, just making Money, is not sufficient. We believe that putting your Money to work for you and your family is critical. While you are sleeping and working, your Money should be working harder for you.
  • Pay attention to your Money if you want your relationship with it to improve. It’s similar to a “people relationship”… Focus on your Money and make it your best friend!  What we appreciate most, will appreciate for us in the future.
  • Believe in your personalized lifestyle and that it is abundant. Your abundance mindset will allow you to take steps to fulfill your goals and bigger dreams today, tomorrow, and for life.

Building and improving your relationship with money is critical if you want to attract more of it. While Money is not everything in life, adopting a healthy relationship with your Money is imperative so you can be at your highest and best each and every day.