Recently, I took a mini vacation with my family. While it was super enjoyable, it was also quite different. You see, normally whenever I travel, I’m always researching ahead of time, where are the best places to stay, dine and visit. I then “ensure” I include in my vacation plans, those top 10 recommended places to see, eat or do an excursion.

However, this trip was not as orchestrated and thought out as the many trips of the past. I did still pick a really nice place to stay, but it was the first time that I “opted out” of most all of the scenic tours and to do’s.

To say that my family thought I was losing it, was an understatement!

They had been so reliant on me, in times past, to have every place identified and selected, well in advance, so that when we arrived, it was just a matter of deciding how much time to spend where.

Actually, I discovered that having an impromptu and unplanned vacation was a very unique and interesting change for me (and my family). It certainly had me (us) outside of my (our) comfort zone, but to be honest, I (we) really enjoyed it!

Now, some of you may be reading this post and think, I do “that” all the time!  If you’ve already found out the secret to vacation relaxation, I sincerely congratulate you! However, for me, it was a FIRST!

I simply unplugged and enjoyed!

While relaxing, I thought back to a quote that I remembered, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!”

This simple act of stepping out of my comfort zone, allowed us to experience, our vacation and each other in a very different way.

Now, I would be remiss, if I didn’t mention that the thought of not seeing that unique point of interest or visiting that highly reviewed restaurant didn’t tug at me a little, but in the end, this was just the type of vacation that I needed at this particular time in my life.

Sometimes, it’s simply about living in the moment of an unscripted life event and for me that time was now.

“If you’re always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in?” ~ Zig Ziglar